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a year in the blogosphere

It pains me to steal thunder from the epic turkey tome that only got top spot on the home page for a day, but I realized today that, amazingly, it was a whole year ago that I whiled away my Veterans Day holiday from school by starting a blog. I assumed at the time that, a few days or weeks later, it would become an abandoned corner of the internet, or perhaps just a sporadically updated private catalog of a few recipes we had tried. Which is why I’m so shocked to be writing this post today, perusing a year’s worth of posts for highlights.

In one year there have been 93 posts including over 100 recipes, and (as of this morning) there’ve been about 13,150 hits, averaging out to a little over 1000 views per month. I am painfully aware of how minuscule these numbers are in the grand scheme of the internet or even the food blogoscape, but for a silly little hobbyist blogger I feel pretty good about it! I have to attribute the much-more-consistent-than-expected writing of posts to the fact that I’d much rather document what we eat than do the dishes, but the hits I attribute almost entirely to luck and to my lovely helpful readers who are nice enough to help me pass my link around the nets from time to time!

I am not going to do a huge reflective post today, but I will say a quick few words about my plans for the blog and share some of the highlights from the year. I’d love to hear if you have any favorite posts in the comments!



11 November, 2010 at 1:06 pm 2 comments

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