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savory stuffing strata

I have a lot I could say about the origins of this recipe and the importance of stuffing, but I’m going to cut to the chase first. For me, this is The Best Stuffing Ever. The only recipe I’ll need from now on. The One.

This stuffing strata comes out so fragrant, moist, and flavorful, you would never know it hasn’t been cooked inside the turkey. But the fact that it hasn’t set up camp in a turkey means that you can shorten your turkey cooking time, and serve the stuffing to vegetarians without that out-of-place taste of vegetable broth that usually flavors vegetarian stuffing. Also, it’s a total snap to whip up; you can assemble it the day before and just pop it into your already-350-degree oven on the big day. It features all the traditional flavors of a really homey stuffing (sage, thyme, celery, and of course the bread) bound together by a magical mixture of egg, milk, wine, mustard, and gruyere cheese. The strata gets moistness and richness from the egg mixture, but doesn’t turn out soggy or taste of breakfast; essentially, it tastes like everything stuffing should be, but more…better!



12 November, 2010 at 5:22 pm 4 comments

kitchen firsts: poached egg sandwiches with spinach, tomato and cheese

The kitchen first this time is not a new ingredient, but instead the conquering of a kitchen technique: the poached egg, no cheatsies! Up until now, whenever I was called on to create a poached egg I would simply reach for my handy dandy egg-poaching device, let the eggs cook in their little metal cups, and then slide them out, looking all freakishly disc-shaped. I am not a fan of runny yolks, so poached eggs are not a huge deal for me and I was happy enough with this arrangement as it allowed me to quickly and easily make poached eggs for Stephen. But, the more I cook and blog, the more I realize how obsessed food people are with poached eggs, so it kind of bothered me that I wasn’t able to create a normal-looking, old fashioned poached egg in a water bath. Enter my new favorite cookbook, America’s Test Kitchen’s Cooking For Two: 2010, and I finally found a poached egg sandwich recipe that I could master, and even enjoy. (more…)

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kitchen firsts: fresh pea and pea shoot pasta carbonara

I realized this year that somehow I have never managed to shell fresh peas before. Favas, yes, but never regular shelling peas! I’ve been wanting to get some for quite awhile, but I had trouble finding them when pea season supposedly started, so all my bookmarking of yummy pea recipes was going unused. Perhaps our unseasonable rain in May and June slowed the peas down and kept them out of the markets when I was expecting to find them, but now that it’s almost August and we’re moving on to zucchini, tomatoes, and corn galore, I had pretty much forgotten about the elusive shelling pea!

That is, until I spotted some shelling peas at the market earlier this week. And it just so happened that I was at the market next to the library, so I popped in to see if any of my requested cookbooks had come in, and luckily my long-awaited copy of Sunday Suppers at Lucques had finally arrived. I couldn’t wait to peek inside, so I flipped through the glossy pages and what was the first recipe that caught my eye? A pasta carbonara using freshly shelled peas AND pea shoots! Have I mentioned that I love pea shoots? With the discovery of the shelling peas and then the discovery of the ideal recipe to make use of them happening within ten minutes of each other, I could pretty much only conclude that making this pasta was my destiny.


23 July, 2010 at 11:13 pm 3 comments

kitchen firsts: homemade mayonnaise + bacon deviled eggs

This week I decided to make mayonnaise from scratch for the first time. I’d been meaning to try it for quite awhile, but this week I didn’t have anything else in mind for a kitchen first, and the timing seemed appropriate since I am hoping to audition a few new summery recipes this week that need a little bit of mayonnaise each (potato salad, anyone?). People are always raving about how much better homemade mayonnaise is, and I decided to see for myself.

Oh, and did I mention these bacon deviled eggs? We decided to try them because we had lots of eggs, wanted a snack, and I wanted to do something right away with my fresh mayonnaise, but I realized I’ve never actually made deviled eggs before so I guess I’m getting a double kitchen first out of the deal. Can anyone say no to a deviled egg? This recipe can be made with or without the bacon and is fairly standard, so if you’re look for a meat-free version this can certainly be it. Although really, you can’t ask for a better combination than bacon and eggs (scroll to the bottom if you want to skip to the eggs!).


27 June, 2010 at 10:33 pm 3 comments

spicy egg salad with bacon and chives

This is the time of year when people tend to have a surplus of interestingly colored hard boiled eggs laying around. Before I came to appreciate egg salad, I remember we always used to try to make ourselves eat some of those chemical-colored eggs just as they are, and then we’d end up throwing most of them away. But it recently occurred to me that as long as your eggs aren’t too unappetizingly colored, there is really nothing better to do than make a batch of egg salad! I always used to eschew egg salad because I thought it sounded and looked and smelled weird, but over the last year I realized that my fear of the stuff was really quite irrational and I should go ahead and conquer it. I discovered the simple tastiness of a really good, simple, freshly homemade egg salad sandwich (without too much mayo!), and while I don’t make them often, when the mood strikes they can really hit a spot. Right after Easter seems the perfect time to have an egg-salad mood strike, and even though I didn’t actually dye any eggs this year, seeing a recipe for egg salad that involves bacon and horseradish was enough to make me set a pot of eggs to boil!

6 April, 2010 at 3:34 pm 3 comments

tacos with scrambled egg, avocado, and feta

This is one of those blogging moments when we’ve eaten something so ridiculously tasty that I just have to post about it, but then realize that it’s hardly even a recipe! Consider this more a menu suggestion or a prescription for success. It’s the best thing I know how to make in ten minutes, and is perfect for a night when you realize you are just not up to making anything that will keep you in the kitchen longer than that. Or when you just really want tacos.


23 February, 2010 at 6:08 pm 3 comments

a new year’s resolution, and breakfast for two

Well folks, the time has come yet again to consider resolutions! I typically tend to be of the “make ’em and break ’em” persuasion, generally within the first two weeks, but this year I am hoping to manage to follow through with at least one. And by follow through, I do indeed mean follow through: all year, no cheatsies.

Although I am considering the staying-power of a few personal resolutions as well, the one I am concerned with here is a cooking related one that I’ve been thinking over during the last month, and I hope it will be one I can stick with– I take it as a good omen that I have actually been looking forward to starting!  My goal, in 2010, is to begin a “kitchen firsts” series on this blog, for which I will attempt to do one new thing in the kitchen every week.  Especially at first, this will most often take the shape of  new ingredient to my kitchen– it could be something that I have never tasted or cooked before (sunchokes and rutabagas are on my list), or it could be something I’ve eaten many a time but never bought and prepared myself (fennel, parsnips, etc).  Kitchen firsts may also appear as a new kind of recipe (i.e., I’ve never made a souffle before), or a cooking technique that I’ve never tried before (braising, butterflying). My hope is that with these restrictions, I should be able to fill a whole year with weekly Kitchen Firsts (whenever I doubt that I’ll be able to come up with enough new items, I just take a stroll through the produce and bulk sections, or better yet, head to a specialty market like an asian grocery store!). I encourage anyone who is interested in embarking on a bit of a culinary adventure to follow along with these kitchen firsts, and please feel free to make suggestions if you can think of any interesting ingredients or recipes using them that you think we should try!

(read on for a New Years Breakfast Recipe)


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