announcing: the kitchen essentials page!

6 September, 2010 at 4:54 pm Leave a comment

Happy Labor Day all! I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying the end of summer. This post is to quickly introduce you to the essentials page that I’m adding today.

I’ve been working on adding this tab for quite awhile, and I’m excited to put it up today! It began as a way for me to share the results of my constant cookbook previewing. You see, I seem to be addicted to my library’s cookbook section, which allows me to test-drive cookbooks rather than impulse buying them only to discover I’m only interested in 5 recipes out of 100. So, as I set out to share the results of my cookbook explorations, Stephen suggested that I also include a section with the kitchen tools and wares that we’ve tried and appreciated, and hence the essentials section was born.

The first half of the page is “My Recipe Shelf,” and shares the cookbooks and recipe resources that I’ve come to rely on, as well as a few that I’m just now test-driving. The second half of the page, “My Kitchen Shelf,” details the kinds of stuff we have in the kitchen to facilitate the making of tasty treats, and I’ve attempted to share the results of some lessons I’ve learned the hard way (i.e. don’t waste your money on plastic stuff, as it will inevitably deteriorate far before its more expensive stainless/wooden/silicone counterparts).

Now, you’ll quickly notice that the essentials page is laden with the links for all the cookbooks and kitchen stuff that I mention, and in the interest of full disclosure, these are indeed a symbol of me having become an Amazon associate. This means that if you click on any of the links on my page and happen to choose to buy something from, I’ll get  a teeny percentage of your purchase price back (that is, if ever the percentages accumulate to an amount that Amazon would deign to write a check for). And the cool thing is, if you follow one of my links and then purchase anything from Amazon, even if it’s something I didn’t link to (like this!), I’ll still get a percentage of that purchase price. And if you follow my link, and put something in your cart, and then come back and by it later, I usually still get something back from that as well, as long as it isn’t too much later that you come back to buy.

Anyways, the most important thing is that I want to be clear that I am not paid to advertise these specific products, and I’m only recommending things that I own, want to own, or have heard excellent things about from people who do own them. Also, any money that ends up coming from amazon will go straight to blog improvements. So, if you should happen to need anything from Amazon, and want to follow a weekend gourmande link, it’ll come back to you in blog features! Thanks everybody!


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